A Meandering Cycle From the UK to New Zealand

One year on the road. Wow. And no – we still don’t know how we got ourselves onto such a trip. Yes, we’d both daydreamed of big adventures, but cycling around the world? That was something neither of us ever imagined we’d be lucky enough to be able to do.
But we’re doing it. 

Since leaving in April 2018, we’ve worked our way through Europe to Asia and then to Africa. Not the most logical route to New Zealand, but never mind. To say it’s been eventful would be a huge understatement. We’ve been taken to court in Russia, victims of a helicopter scam in Nepal, and stung with a 40% VAT bill for two new wheels. But riding the lows along with the highs is all part of the adventure, right? And don’t get me wrong, we’ve had a lifetime’s supply of highs – mostly in the mountains. Cycling in Norway and the Himalayas has left us with a deep love for inclines and snow. I guess that makes New Zealand the perfect finish line. So let’s see what the last few months of pedalling brings as we make our way there.

We hope you’re enjoying the ride as much as we are. 

Jennie & Dan



We are raising money for East Africa Children’s Project. Click the logo below for details and to donate. On the 29th April 2019, we cycled 100 miles for our charity. Head to our Films page to watch our century (struggle) unfold.



Now: Tanzania
Next: Malaysia (rescheduled flight now means we have 1.5 days in Kuala Lumpur)
Countries: 17
Continents: 3
Distance: 12,240 km / 7,606 mi
Elevation: 104,153 m / 341,709 ft
Ride days: 226
Rest days: 187  

Europe: 134 days / 4,957 km / 39,004 m
Asia: 171 days / 3,883 km / 33,118 m
Africa: 108 days / 3,400 km / 32,031 m

100+ km rides: 5
Biggest ride: 161 km / 100 mi (for charity in Tanzania)
Biggest climb: 1,226 m / 4,022 ft (Ooty, India)
Biggest elevation: 1,675 m / 5,495 ft (Karnataka, India)
Crossed equator: 3
Mountain ranges°: 10

Fallen off: Dan 8, Jen 9
Puncture: Dan 5, Jen 4
Cracked rim: Dan 1, Jen 1
Snapped cable: Dan 0, Jen 2
Bike shop visits: 6
Service: 2

Retired Components:
Schwalble Marathon Mondial 26x2.0 – circa 9,400 km
Shimano XT M8000 casette – circa 9,400 km
Shimano 105 chain – circa 9,400 km

Highest altitude cycled: 5,416 m / 17,769 ft (Annapurna, Nepal)
Highest altitude hiked: 4,940 m / 16,207 ft (EBC, Nepal)
Highest altitude slept: 4,930 m / 16,174 ft (EBC, Nepal)

*updated on 18/05/2019
°Cantabrian, Pyrenees, Rhône-Alpes, Jura, Black Forest, Hallingskarvet, Himalayas, Nilgiri, Shevaroy, Kilimanjaro



Started: 01/04/2018
Expected finish: 08/2019
Days elapsed: 413

Wild camp: 35
Campsite: 60
Village camp: 9
Hotel: 276
Free bed: 2 (government building)
Family, friends & hosts: 14
Warm Showers: 1
In transit: 11
Hospital: 1
Back home: 4

Plane: 16,314 km / 10,137 mi (5)
Helicopter: 145 km / 90 mi (1)
Ferry: 2,746 km / 1,706 mi (15) 
Train: 6,498 km / 4,038 mi (9)
Bus: 2,420 km / 1,504 mi (10)
Taxi: 106 km / 66 mi (1)
Hitchhike: 124 km / 77 mi (4)
Hike: 149 km / 93 mi (8)

Animals spotted (Africa): meerkat, ostrich, wild ass, hyena, hippo, elephant (at night), giraffe, zebra, warthog, impala, baboon, wildebeest, buffalo, vervet monkey, gecko, bat.

Birds spotted (Africa): vulture, marabou stork, hamerkop, crowned hornbill, hornbill, black and white casqued hornbill, black crowned crane, green ibis, African sacred ibis, African starling, fish eagle, guinea fowl, black heron, woodpecker, African pitta, pied crow.

Surprising moped cargo: coffin (not sure if it was empty) / 2 men and 2 goats together
Weird roadkill: cow & zebra (not together)
Visitors: 5°
Visits from Tom: 3
Visits from Jacob: 3
McDonald’s: 28
Blocks of butter: 31
Dog chases: 30
Longest without showering: 7 days
Poops in wild: 14
Sick days: Dan 4, Jen 1
Hospitalised: Dan 1, Jen 0
Big arguments: 13

*updated on 18/05/2019
°Jacob (Dan’s bro), Marie (Jen’s friend), Tom (Dan’s cousin), Nat (Dan’s friend), Dan’s Mum